What 10 Day of NO Makeup Did For My Confidence

Happy New Year my beautiful friends! Hope you all had wonderful start to 2019! I took this past weekend to get back on track and back to my regular routine- it was much needed! I’m super excited to share my first ever Self Love video with ya’ll today! I challenged myself to wear NO makeup for 10 days and really focus on the way that I talk to myself, as I wanted to eliminate any negative self talk.

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The way that we talk to ourselves and the thoughts that we create in our minds truly become who we are and our reality.💫 We have habits of judging ourselves, comparing ourselves to others, and pointing out what we lack rather than embracing what we are blessed to have and what makes us unique.

I hope the video inspires you to love yourself, love being who you are and tell yourself you are SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL every single day!🙌🏼 I challenge you to really take the time to become aware of your thoughts and the way that you talk to yourself – remember to be kind to yourself, speak positively and be your own #1 fan!;) Stay tuned for more self love & self investment type of content moving into 2019- I’m so excited for this new direction with Leopard Couture! Thanks again for watching friends!x- Mitra

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-Love your style-



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