Vancouver Blogger Brunch at Chambar Restaurant

Hello LC fam! Last Sunday, I spent my morning at Chambar having brunch with 9 lovely bloggers from Vancouver. I had such a wonderful time getting to know these beautiful ladies- I was so inspired listening to everyone’s stories! I am so excited to work with these girls in the near future!

The decoration was absolutely adorable, I was so impressed! We had icebreaker Qs to get to know one another, which was awesome! As well as a game- where I ended up winning some cute little journals! I was so happy (I never win haha!) I’m planning to use them for jotting down blog post ideas!:) Also, it was my first time at Chambar Restaurant- super delicious, I ordered the Bon Matin and waffles with salted caramel! I’m getting hungry just thinking about it hehe.


I was not planning on doing a post, so unfortunately I didn’t take any outfit pictures, but I ended up wearing a white blouse, grey skinny jeans, black duster jacket and open toe black booties. I kept it simple and neutral- easy to throw on for a 9am Sunday breakfast!

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Anyways, I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your day, and if you get a chance show my girls some love and check out their IG accounts :)

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PS: If you know of any delicious brunch place in Vancouver I need to check out please let me know!
xx- Mitra

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  1. Great post Mitra! You lucky winner! Your meal looks so tasty I may have to go back there for that…real soon! XOXO

    • Hehe thanks Merryl!;) YES, you should try it out next time for sure! Enjoy your evening xx

    • Agreed, I had such a fab time!! And yes waffles are a must :) Thank you kindly Xx

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