V-Day Gift Guide for Her & Him

Hi everyone! If some of you can remember around Xmas time I did a Holiday Gift Guide for Her & Him post which many of you seemed to enjoy, so I thought I would do one for V-Day!:) I know not everyone is a fan of this day, but for those of you who do celebrate it- this ones for you! Personally, I think when it comes to V-Day some of the best gifts are activities you can do together with your man or lady! However, that being said exchanging gifts can be very personal and meaningful as well :) So, in hopes to spark some creativity, here are some gift ideas as well as things to keep in mind when shopping! Gentlemen you can thank me later, I accept cash, cheques and..haha just kidding;) – but anyways, I hope you enjoy and stay tuned for my next post, “3 V-Day Outfit Ideas”!:)

Gift Ideas for HER:

For her

1. Pamper Package: Fill a basket with some of her favourite beauty products, such as bath bombs from lush, face masks, body lotions, nail polishes, makeup, perfume rollerballs and candles to make her feel relaxed and beautiful! When it comes to anything with a scent make sure you know what her fragrance preference is- fruity? woodsy? citrus?

2. DIY: For you men out there that want to challenge yourself to a Do-It-Yourself gift, I’m going to tell you right now girls LOVE these!!;)

• Envelope Date Ideas – Grab 12 small envelopes, and label each one with a different month. Inside each envelope write a date idea you two can do together. Not all of them have to cost money nor have to be fancy. For example, May could be “Go wine tasting” or September could be “Go to an outdoor movie theatre”. She will only be able to open 1 per month, so she will always have something to look forward to! Remember, you are going to have to commit to each one of these date ideas so think carefully!;) Don’t forget to have a fun idea for February she can open on V-Day! Also if you don’t want to do date ideas you can customize it to really whatever you want:) Pinterest has TONS of DIY gift ideas- click Here.

3. Accessories: Is your lady a fashionista? Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for her!

Jewelry – Make sure you know if she’s either a gold or silver kind of girl. (Usually we tend to be one over the other). Does she tend to wear simple or big jewelry? Pay attention to the type of jewelry she wears: rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets. Some girls will wear one more than the rest.

Clutches/ Small Purses – A girl can never have enough clutches and/or small purses! Stick to neutral colours like creams, tans, taupes, greys and blacks to be safe. As well as one that is rectangular shaped. Also pay attention to the metal detailing- is the zipper gold or silver? Just like the jewelry, think back on what she prefers and tends to wear more of.

• Shoes/ Clothing – Probably the hardest out of anything are these two. Unless she has told you herself (or her bff) that she wants a certain pair of shoes or clothing item (and size), honestly don’t waste your time trying to find her something new for her closet. (Unless you have a lot of time and enjoy shopping). My advice- take her out shopping and let her pick something she loves and that will fit her properly!

4. Sexy Time: You seriously cannot go wrong with this one- roses, a box of chocolates or macaroons (honestly who doesn’t like either), some lacey lingerie and a bottle of her favourite drink you 2 can enjoy together! When it comes to lingerie you’re going to have to know her size, as well as her preference when it comes to under garments. Does she prefer lights pinks, whites, pastel/soft colours? Or does she like black, red and hot pink? This will help guide you in the right direction, and always ask the sales ladies for help! Don’t forget- lace is never a bad idea!

Lastly gentlemen, when in doubt always always ask for a gift receipt!:)

Gift Ideas for HIM:


For him

Alright ladies your turn! I apologize this is not going to be as detailed as it was for the “For Her” section, but here are some gift ideas for your man!

1. Lounge Package: Robe, underwear, slippers and a coffee mug- your man will never want to leave his home if he gets to lounge around and be cozy (with you of course)!

2. Workout Gear: Does your man love working out, but those T-shirts of his are getting a little old? Save him the shopping trip and get him some new workout gear! Peep his closet to see what size he wears for each brand!

3. Coupon Book: “1 Free Back Rub”, “1 Free Home Cooked Dinner”, “1 Free Get of Jail Card”..whatever you want to make your coupons, get creative ladies!;) Michaels has fun paper, stickers, glitter..whatever you want to decorate them with:)

4. Man Bouquet: I found a picture on Pinterest Here that gave me this idea. Basically instead of a bouquet of flowers, have an arrangement of mini bottles of liquor! You can even have fun with it and label each bottle with your own label- use your imagination. Throw in some cigars (if that’s his thing), or a bunch of his favourite goodies!


There are soo many gift ideas out there, especially on Pinterest if you are still stuck! Remember, don’t stress yourself out too much! Also, if you haven’t been dating for a long time but still want to still get him or her something…chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!! Some flowers wouldn’t hurt either;) You could check out these personalized gifts from GiftTree which are ideal either for him or her! Have a great V-Day everyone!

PS: My fellow fashion blogger and friend, Brina just wrote a great article on her blog, EThreeOne this morning about V-Day! Give it a read when you get a chance!xx


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