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Hello! I’m Mitra, the style blogger here on Leopard Couture! I absolutely LOVE helping people dress their best, discovering their personal style and increasing their confidence in their own clothes! That’s why I have started “Style Me Leopard”, a personal styling service!

I can help you re-vamp your image by teaching you how to organize your wardrobe, build outfits, dress your body shape and be a smart shopper! Whatever challenges you have with your style or fashion in general, I am here to help!:)


The 4 Parts to Style Me Leopard:

1. Image Consultation
2. Wardrobe Detox
3. Shopping Sessions
4. Final Consultation

Image Consultation (0.5~1 hour)

We will start by having a conversation over the phone or in person. I will ask a number of questions about you, your style and your shopping habits to get to know you better. Together, we will identify your style goals so we can maximize your makeover experience.  

Part2: Wardrobe Detox (2~2.5 hours) 

I will visit your home, and we will go through your closet. I will help you clean through it showing you what to keep, alter, donate, consign or throw out. I will give you tips on how to organize your closet more efficiently, and identify pieces I believe you will need to complete your personalized wardrobe.


Part3: Shopping Sessions (2.5 hours each)

We will go on two separate shopping trips together. As your personal shopper, I will share with you my shopping tips, as well as show you what pieces work and don’t work for your style, body type and other factors. We will look for the clothing pieces we identified during the Wardrobe Detox. I will make sure you are only buying what you NEED to complete your wardrobe, and make sure you are getting the best deal for your money. It is recommended you have a budget (min $250) to do some spending.


Part4: Final Consultation (1~1.5 hours)

After we have completed our shopping sessions and you have collected some new pieces, I will visit your home again. I will show you how to easily put outfits together with your current and new items. We will review everything we have learned, and go over anything you would like.


So, what will you gain from this experience?
Learn how to…

  • Dress yourself and know what looks best on you
  • Organize your closet efficiently
  • Build fabulous outfits quickly
  • Be a smart shopper
  • Be confident with your style 

Ready to be styled? Let’s get started! 

If you are interested in being styled please email me at {leopardcouture8@gmail.comIf you do not require the full package, I am happy to plan a customized package for you. Finally, I am only taking clients living in Vancouver, BC. 

Thank you and I looking forward to hearing from you!!- Mitra 


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