Hi everyone! Today’s client is Michelle, an administration manager at a busy Chiropractic office in Victoria. Her day is filled with helping people change the course of their lives. Nothing is more satisfying she says. She’s passionate about running, laughing and her relationships with her family and friends. You’ll generally find her at music festivals, comedy shows, eating sushi or outside in the sun with a good book!

Michelle was stuck wearing the same handful of clothing, which filled more than half her closet. She always second guessed her clothing choices with shopping, and didn’t know what styles or colours looked best on her. Michelle wanted to look sophisticated, put together, have her own personal sense of style and increase her confidence. I promised her she would achieve all of these goals once we were done our sessions. I had an incredible time working with and getting to know Michelle! I am very proud of how far she has come with her style makeover! She is now dressing much more professionally and appropriate for her position. I can tell her confidence has increased by the way she carries herself! In addition, she has mastered all my style rules! I completely approve of all the choices she now makes shopping on her own. A+ ;) Good job Michelle!

Look 1: Work  

I love how professional and stylish Michelle looks in this outfit! The blazer from RW&Co. fits her extremely well and the colour is stunning on her! Blazers were something Michelle typically did not wear – she only had 1 hot pink one in her wardrobe – so I encouraged her to make them a priority when shopping and selecting workwear pieces. They are a wardrobe essential! We also found some fresh new black slacks from Dynamite – something we searched for for quite some time! We are still on the hunt for a black pencil skirt. The statement necklace and black tote were the finishing touches for her new office look!:)

michelle style me leopard client outfit 1

Outfit Details
Blouse: Flavour/ Decade
Blazer: RW&Co
Pants: Dynamite
Bag: Town Shoes
Nude Heels: Target

Look 2: Weekend

Michelle loves spending her days off out and about with her friends, so I wanted her weekend look to be fun, simple n’ easy that she could wear day or night. With hot pink being her favourite colour – and looking fantastic on her – we paired this top she already owned with her new Guess Jeans! They fit her like a glove, and are the perfect dark wash. She can dress them up and wear them all year round! Every girl needs that go-to pair of denim she can count on!

michelle style me leopard client outfit 2
Outfit Details
Blouse: Nordstrom Rack
Jeans: Guess
Clutch: Aldo
Sandals: Globo


“I first heard about Mitra from a co-worker of mine; I was told that Mitra would help me find clothes that I feel comfortable in, that fit my body type, and that help represent the image I’ve always wanted to exude. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to actually find all this in Mitra, but also a genuine, honest and caring person who actually does this for the love of helping people. Mitra instantly made me feel at ease, and let me tell you, I can be a deeply self-conscious, shy and neurotic woman. Mitra never judged me for being the size that I am, or for the clothes that I had been wearing, she just kept telling me that we would find attractive clothes and updated styles no matter what. I will admit I was very skeptical.

When we did our wardrobe detox, I ended up discarding more than half of my clothes. This purge, being both necessary and liberating still created a bit of anxiety within me. I found Mitra’s explanation of why different options of certain garments would suit and fit me better helped to calm my nerves.

During our shopping sessions, I immensely appreciated Mitra’s calm assurance that we were finding the right items. I usually hate shopping, because I don’t know what I’m looking for, where to find what I DO need, and what styles of items work with my body type. Mitra explained what we were looking for and why, and by the end of those sessions I felt like I had acquired a wealth of knowledge. Mitra has shown me how to present myself the way I’ve always wanted to be seen, I honestly can’t tell you how many compliments I’ve had in the last 2 weeks since I started wearing my new clothes. It’s true that when you love what you’re wearing you exude so much more confidence and pride. I feel excited about what I’m going to wear again, I had lost that feeling. I’m proud and overjoyed to recommend Mitra for anyone’s style needs. She’s helped me get my spark back! Thank you Mitra!”


Thank you for stopping by Leopard Couture! If you are interested in being styled like Michelle, please visit my Style Me Leopard page and apply! :) Have a great day!xx

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