Life Update: July & August Highlights

Hello friends and Happy Friday! I can’t believe Summer is just about over.. it seriously FLEW BY! You may have noticed I’ve been quite MIA- the longest I’ve ever been away from the blog. I straight up was not motivated to blog this Summer. I found myself stressing out trying to juggle YouTube, Instagram & Blogging, so rather than forcing myself to write when I didn’t want to, I focused my energy on YT and Insta. I never want blogging to become something I dread (slash feels like homework) so the break was just what I needed! I am refreshed for Fall and looking forward to writing more! I still plan on being more active on YT & Insta, so definitely follow me over there if you don’t already! Anyways, since I’ve been gone for so long I thought I’d share an update of what I’ve been up to this Summer and some of my highlights! :)

– J U L Y –

  • I celebrated my 25th birthday in Las Vegas with my roomie, Bailey. It was the best time of my life!!!! We stayed at the MGM for 4 nights, and from pool parties to clubbing to walking the strip we had too much fun haha. Watch the VLOG of the trip if you haven’t already!:)


  • My sister, Candra came to visit me for the J.COLE ‘4 Your Eyez Only’ concert. He was amazinggg! (heart eyes*) It was my first time seeing him live- and definitely not the last! We also had a beach day, ate a lot of food and got to finally film our SISTER TAG video together.


  • My friend, Anca ( celebrated her 1 year blogiversary by hosting a beautiful and delicious brunch for myself and 15+ other bloggers. It was lovely to catch up with the gals, and finally meet a few in person after following one another on Insta for months! My floral dress is from Nordstrom by the way, and it’s probably my favourite purchase I’ve made all Summer :)


– A U G U S T –

  • For the month of August I did a Fitness Challenge with my girls Alicia (@alicia_haque) & Jen (@jeylaloves). We would get up early to meet for our 7am runs + spin classes. Spin was something new to me, and now I’m addicted!! We spin at @soulcycle in Yaletown, and we love going to Daniela’s (@danieladibsoulcycle) classes! She is an AMAZING instructor! I leave every class feeling on top of the world and so inspired to crush my goals! For running, I usually run between 5-10KM, but this month I focused on doing longer distances (up to 15KM) and timing my runs. I use the app Map my Run and Nike Running – it seriously pushes you harder when you set a time goal for yourself. My favourite place to run is around Stanley Park, and along the Seawall from English Bay to Yaletown Marina. You can’t beat the beautiful view! My goal was to run a 15KM, which I accomplished with a time of 1:11:19. I was quite happy with my time, and am going to keep training to get even faster. Also, I’ve decided I’m going to run a half marathon next year woohoo :) From this fitness challenge I realized I NEED to workout 5-6x a week, and start my day at 7am with a run, gym sesh or spin class. I am 100% happier physically, mentally and emotionally when I start my day with something I LOVE! I am excited to continue to my fitness challenge throughout September as well. Make sure to follow along on Insta stories where I share what workouts I do, as well as some of my favourite smoothie recipes, healthy meal ideas etc.


Here’s a RE-CAP of my 31 Day August Fitness Challenge:

10X Runs
9X Gym Workouts
8X Spin Classes
4X Stair Sprints
5X Rest Days

  • Booked a flight to LA with my babes Flora (@thefloralaw) & Boyu (@boyuba) for the end of September! It’ll be my first time to LA, and my first ever bloggers trip so I am beyond excited!! I will most likely be Vlogging the whole thing so stay tuned! Yay for more trips!


  • Bryson Tiller concert with my work girlfriends! I’m a huge fan, did any of you in Vancouver go to his show as well? This was my outfit of the night feat. a glass of rosé ;)


  • My siblings came to visit me from Victoria for 2 nights at the end of the month. We had so much fun together! The first night we just got food and hung out, the 2nd day my brother hit the gym while my sister came to the nail salon with me. Then we went to English Bay and had lunch at Cactus right on the beach which was nice! It was so hot that day we were only able to tan for an hour and a half until we were over the heat haha. Then we went to go see Spider-Man Homecoming and ate WAY too much popcorn and maltesers.. whoops. Then the next day we got breakfast and they went home. My sister recently left for Carleton University for 1st year and I am so proud of her! Can’t believe we are going to be so far from each other now (miss her so much already) but hey, another excuse to book a trip and visit her!;)


Thanks for reading my loves, and I’ll catch you in my next post!:) -Mitra xo

L E O P A R D   C O U T U R E

-Love your style-



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