Hey everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful week! I am so excited to announce my first client for Style Me Leopard’ is Jade Tjorhom! JADE is an up and coming R&B, Soul, and Jazz singer who is newly based out of Toronto, ON.. As her singing career begins to gain momentum – having performed at dozens of shows in Vancouver and Victoria, BC – she wanted to build her brand with a new and professional look.

Jade wanted to learn how to take the stress out of dressing in the mornings, go shopping without getting overwhelmed and avoid buying the wrong things. She felt she was stuck dressing the same way for years and only with what she was comfortable with.

This is where I come in :) We spent a couple hours clarifying her desired new look, organizing her closet, building outfits and throwing out old clothes. We then spent 2 afternoons together shopping for key pieces she was lacking to build a full wardrobe. Finally, we came up with 2 looks to show you today!

Look #1: Day Outfit 

For the first look, we put together something Jade could wear on a daily basis/ run errands in, whether that be meeting future employers, friends for coffee etc. Some basics, such as a black skinny jean, leather jacket and black tote were some versatile pieces we recognized were missing from her wardrobe. During our shopping trips, we were able to find ones she loved (and for a good deal too)! With these essentials she can easily build outfits by switching out her tops and accessories. Also note, a tote or structured bag completes your outfit and pulls everything together. Always have a simple and classic “go-to” bag in your wardrobe!



Outfit Details
Top: Dynamite
Jeans: Guess
Jacket: Dynamite
Ankle Boots: ALDO

Look #2: Performance Outfit 

For the second look, we put together an outfit she could wear to one of her gigs. Often going for all black, I wanted Jade to explore with other neutral colours and prints, as well as experiment with accessories, new lip colours and hairstyles. I think she looks absolutely amazing in this grey 2 piece top and skirt from DalyCo! It’s classy, simple, sexy and screams JADE! We were able to get this whole look (minus the watch) for just under $100 on our shopping trip! I insisted Jade be patient and wait for those regular priced items to get marked down, as it will definitely be worth it. You don’t have to break the bank for a fab outfit! Plus who doesn’t love saving money?! ;)



Outfit Details
Top & Skirt: DalyCo Boutique
Heels: ALDO
Necklace: Forever21
Watch: Coach

Interview with JADE: 

LC: What did you want to gain from this experience? What struggles did you have with clothing and shopping?

JADE: Firstly, I really wanted to revamp my style by taking my look from casual to professional. I also wanted to learn tips on how to build an outfit – whether it be for a meeting or a gig – and how to match clothing with jewelry. But most importantly, I wanted to change the way I viewed clothing in general. Clothing and shopping were such stressors to me before. I dreaded getting dressed in the morning because I never knew what to wear, or what looked good on me. I was constantly asking other people for help, and looking for new clothes became an overwhelming task, one that left me agitated and bitter towards the whole shopping experience.

LC: How do you feel about clothes and dressing yourself in comparison to before?

JADE: Now I feel completely different about clothing! Before this experience, I didn’t have the tools to go about changing my style. My closet had no sense of order and was packed with clothes I hadn’t worn in years. Mitra helped me organize and de-clutter my closet, so that I could actually see each piece of clothing, making outfit building much easier and less intimidating. It was almost therapeutic to get rid of some of those old clothes I never wore anymore!

Mitra taught me how to build my wardrobe from the basics up – explaining the difference between items I needed and “luxury” items (pieces that I didn’t really need to complete my wardrobe, just wanted). While going through my closet we created a list of essential items that I needed (like jeans, and performing outfits), which came in handy during the shopping sessions. 

LC: Do you feel more confident with how to shop and what to look for now when shopping?

JADE: I feel so much more confident now! When shopping with Mitra, she explained what type of clothing worked for my body type, and why those particular pieces worked -whether it be the cut, the pattern, or the style. These tips are what make Mitra’s guidance so valuable, now I have the tools to successfully shop by myself!

She also stressed the importance of purchasing items I needed first, in order to build a complete and interchangeable wardrobe. When shopping, we constantly referred back to the list we made, approaching each store with an idea of what we were looking for, saving time and making the whole experience less stressful. Now with my new clothes I feel much more polished!

LC: What did you learn from this experience and what is the biggest impact it has made on you?

JADE: One of the most beneficial things I learned from this experience was how to construct an interchangeable wardrobe. Mitra stressed that every item I purchased should be able to go with at least three items I already owned. Secondly, I learned what went well with my body type, and how to find clothes that flattered my shape. And finally, I learned the importance of clothing, and how the way I present myself truly impacts almost every area of my life.

After my experience with Mitra, I am finally dressing the part, and my employers treat me much more professionally because of it. Now I truly feel like a star when I step on stage, and I am finding that this new confidence is spreading into other areas of my life. I am much more open to meeting new people and approaching new situations, which is crucial in my line of work. Also, I no longer dread getting dressed in the morning, or feel overwhelmed when shopping.

LC: Would you recommend ‘Style Me Leopard’ to others? 

JADE: Absolutely! The whole experience changed the way I view clothing. Mitra understood how nervous I was to throw out my old clothes that I had become attached to, and how intimidated I was to begin shopping for a completely new look. She remained positive the entire time, and encouraged me to tear down the mental blocks I had placed around clothing.

Mitra only picked pieces that went with the look I was trying to achieve, keeping the image I had in mind the entire time. And she’d only let me leave the store with items I absolutely loved. This way I went home with clothes I would actually wear, and not regret buying. She was also a sales-whisperer and told me to wait for a couple items to go on sale – which they did – and I was able to save a lot of money because of it! Mitra did more than just tell me what type of clothing to buy, she really took the stress out of shopping by providing me with advice that I could use when shopping on my own. 

Ultimately, what made the experience so incredible was how Mitra made me feel like we were in it together. She never made me feel guilty for the state of my wardrobe, but rather, looked at it as something we could tackle as a team. She revamped my style, de-cluttered my closet and refreshed the way I felt about clothing.  

I would definitely recommend ‘Style Me Leopard’ to someone who is looking to refresh their look or has struggles with shopping and dressing or fashion in general.


I had the most amazing time working with Jade, helping her create her new look! I loved her positive attitude and willingness to try new things and styles. I am now confident in her ability to dress herself professionally both on and off stage. I am so proud of her and how far she has come! JADE you are a STAR! I cannot wait to see what’s in store for this talented lady!!:)

Check out her website HERE, and give her a like and listen HERE and HERE.

Thanks so much for stopping by Leopard Couture today! If you (or someone you know) would be interested in being styled like Jade, please visit my page ‘Style Me Leopard’  for more information!xo

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