How To Style: Fishnet Tights

Happy Wednesday lovelies! Today I wanted to share some of my tips and tricks on how to style fishnet tights. I’ll be honest, when I first saw this trend blow up I was like…’s socially acceptable to wear my Halloween costume stockings now?!”. The trend grew on me quickly, and soon I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a pair (or 5). Just kidding, I have a pair of tights and socks and trust me you need both styles. Tights are great for when you want them peaking through the holes of your ripped jeans and/or above the waistband. If you want them just showing at your ankles then socks are a must! (Plus you don’t have to take them off when you pee haha).

To start, you need to decide how big you want the holes and that’s totally personal preference. I opted for these larger sized ones from F21 and I am in love with them! My outfit is fairly simple, as in I could totally wear it without the tights. That’s the don’t need a super crazy outfit to make the fishnets work. They’re easier to style than you think. Since the fishnet trend is pretty bad-ass, I prefer styling it with edgier pieces. Hence why I grabbed my leather jacket and distressed acid wash jeans. This look works because I stuck to neutrals, while adding a pop of grunge with my jeans and cut out booties.

how to style fishnet tights

Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts to keep in mind:


1. Start with a black pair- they are easiest to style
2. Keep the rest of your outfit simple. Let the tights be the focus
3. Style them with closed-toe shoes


1. Go with a super tight and short skirt/ dress.. it may look a tad trashy if you know what I mean (*halloween costume flashback anyone?)
2. Style them with: loud animal/floral will clash
3. Not shave when wearing me on this one haha

styling fishnet tights

Here are 5 other ways you can style your fishnets:

  1. CASUAL: Oversized t-shirt | ripped bf jeans | sneakers
  2. CITY CHIC: Turtleneck | culotte pants | ankle booties
  3. CLASSIC: Button-down top | cropped slacks/ cigarette pants | oxfords
  4. COMFY: Oversized knit sweater dress | motorcycle boots
  5. SEXY: Loose crop top | high waisted denim | thigh high boots (to achieve the peekaboo look) 

how to style fishnet tights

leather biker jacket grey sweater

fishnet tights with ripped jeans trend

biker jacket winter ootd

Have you tried the fishnet trend? If yes, I’d love to know your fav way of styling them!:) And if not…perhaps you’ll give them a try next time!;) Thanks for reading and I’ll catch you in my next one!
x – Mitra

 O U T F I T   D E T A I L S 

Sweater: FOREVER21 | Jacket: FOREVER21 | Jeans: ZARA
Fishnet Tights: FOREVER21 | BootsMADDEN GIRL

Photo Cred. Jonathan Ho 

L E O P A R D   C O U T U R E

-Love your style-


I’ve also compiled a few of my fav looks from Pinterest in hopes to give you a little more inspo :)

how to style fishnet tights



  1. Okay so I never thought I was brave enough to wear them but I just LOVE how you styled them with your jeans! Subtle but makes the outfit look amazing! Def. trying this! xo

  2. Oh that looks super cool! I’d love to try that under work pants for the office :) Thx for the inspo!

  3. fishnet tights have always made me a little nervous, but these look amazing with the distressed denim and those boots. I love the rock-chick vibe and I would never have thought to wear fishnets like this but I am loving how you’ve styled this look!!


  4. I haven’t tried this trend yet but LOVE this edgy look on you! You styled it perfectly with a stylish but simple outfit that subtly lets the fishnets show through the distressed jeans! I may need to try this soon!

    Chow Down USA

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