How To: Pull Off The ‘All Grey Look’

Happy weekend folks! What are you all getting up to?! I’m working, gymming and catching up on the blog!:) I’ve been meaning to post this outfit for THE longest time, so finally here we are!

I’m sure many of you could put together an ‘all black ootd’ with ease, but can you say the same about colour? It’s actually easier than you think, so I’m hoping after reading this post you’ll be able to pull off your next monochromatic look like a pro! Today we are going to focus on ‘grey’ because a.) I personally think it’s the next easiest colour after black to style b.) I’m sure many of you have grey in your closet c.) it works all year round and d.) grey is my fav colour to wear hehe ;)

how to style an all grey outfit

Unlike black, where it looks bad when you’re rocking 4 different shades of it, I encourage you to incorporate multiple shades of grey in your outfit. Of course you can dress head to toe in one solid type of grey, but if you want to add some contrast, play around with the colour family.

When I created this look I actually laid out all my grey clothing items on my bed. I started putting together pieces and making outfits and I was able to see what types of greys would compliment one another. I think this is the easiest way to start putting together your monochromatic ootd :)

As you can tell from my outfit, each clothing piece is a different tone of grey. I love how the silver bag adds a little sparkle, and the knit sweater adds texture to this minimalistic look! Experiment with a variety of fabrics to create some depth and character to your stylish ensemble.

how to pull of an all grey outfit

If you’re going with the multiple shades of grey look, make sure you are accentuating the right parts of your body. For example, if you want to de-emphasize your bottom half go with a darker pant/skirt and a lighter shade on top.

If you’re not a fan of grey nooo problemo! You can apply the same monochromatic rules on other colours as well! How do you guys feel about monochromatic outfits? Would you rock the grey-on-grey? :) Until next time! – Mitra xo

how to pull of an all grey outfit

how to pull of an all grey outfit

how to pull of an all grey outfit

how to pull of an all grey outfit

how to pull of an all grey outfit

how to pull of an all grey outfit

how to pull of an all grey outfit

 – O U T F I T   D E T A I L S 

Coat: FOREVER21 | Sweater: PLENTY | Jeans: GUESS
Bag: ZARA | Shoes: ADIDAS

Photo Cred. Rina Samantha

L E O P A R D   C O U T U R E

-Love your style-



  1. I would never think of trying an all grey look but I really like the way this all came together! I don’t know that I’ve ever seen grey denim but now I want some!

  2. I’m so in love with monochromatic outfits right now I feel like they’re comfortable trendy and chic! I also love how you paid your outfits together, pretty amazing. Cute purse the way!

  3. I have to admit that I’ve been really in to wearing monochromatic looks this Winter, all white/ cream or all black and all grey, It’s been a nice way to feel a little more chic when I’ve still been trying to bundle up against this crazy snowy Winter lol!


  4. I love this look. Grey is one of my fav colors to wear, and you’re totally rocking it! I love your point about different shades and textures. Gorgeous! xo, LA

  5. In LOOOOOOVE with this grey on grey look, hon!! The thing is that grey is one of my ultimate favourite colours and I am forever drawn to it no matter what I shop for lol. You did some excellent styling here!! Well done & thanks for your tips, beauty!
    xox Nadia

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