Hair Tutorial: Seductive Curls

Ladies if you are looking to try out a new hair style you are in luck! Today I will be showing you my  version of achieving these soft curls using a 1inch curling iron. Okay let’s start!:)

 You can either start with straight or semi-wavy hair for this. Spray some heat-protectant in first then section your hair into 2 parts: top and bottom. I like to start curling my bottom half first.

Once your iron is heated, open the clamp and take about a 1 inch strand of hair in between the clasp and barrel. Clamp at about mid-way of your hair, then turn and twist upwards. Now that you have curled the upper part of your hair, once you reach the top open the clamp and slide the barrel to the end of your hairwith about 3cm to spare. Now you are going to curl the entire strand starting from the bottom. Rotate and twist the barrel up again to the top.

The key here is to keep the barrel upright and hold for approximately 5-10 seconds, depending on how tight or loose you want your curls to turn out. As you can see I am not curling to the very top of my head for this particular look. Curl your hair inwards and outwards rotating back and forth. When it comes to curling the strands around your face I like to curl outwards away from my face :)

After curling every 2-3 strands, place the curls in the palm of your hand and scrunch them up softly then spray with hair spray. Once I finish my entire head I do this again but this time taking 5-6 strands at a time. I feel like it holds the curls longer, so don’t forget to spray as you go!

 Once you have finished it should look something like this! This look took me about 20 minutes to complete.



To be honest, using a curling iron with a clamp was a little tough for me when I first started using one. Now I can practically do it in my sleep (I would not recommend doing that though), but I can promise you that with practice you will get much better and faster at it!:)

Have fun giving this a try girls!xo – Leopard Couture

Photo Cred. Cecilia Li


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