Good morning and Happy Friday! I’d like you to meet Genie! She is a 4th year business student who has recently completed her second Co-op as a service designer, and is currently on the hunt for her third and final Co-op before she heads off to Morocco for exchange! Genie enjoys travelling, photography and spending her weekends in the outdoors.

When it came to fashion and dressing, Genie described her style as “plain and boring”. She felt she had a limited business casual wardrobe which restricted her from dressing professionally for work and various business events. With graduation approaching and having plans to enter the job market soon after, Genie wanted to changeover her wardrobe from a student’s to a career woman’s. She also wanted to learn how to incorporate colour into her look to match her bright and outgoing personality! Together we found pieces to create her new look and built various outfits with her fresh new wardrobe.

Look 1: Weekend Casual 

On the weekends when hanging out with friends or running errands, Genie said she would always reach for the same pair of blue jeans and switch between zip up hoodies and old sweaters. This look did not flatter her, as well as made her look too plain and young. I wanted to show Genie how to look stylish and comfortable, while utilizing some of her favourite pieces in her wardrobe.

During our shopping sessions, we found some black denim she could dress up or down, giving her more outfit variations (and a break from her blue jeans)! We also found a denim jacket to replace her old hoodies. I knew Genie would get a great deal of use from the jacket, taking her from Spring to Fall. 





Outfit Details
Plaid Top: A&F
Denim Jacket: H&M
Black Jeans: Jessica Simpson (The Hudson’s Bay)
Shoes: Converse

Look 2: Business Casual 

When it came to Genie’s professional wardrobe, she found she was lacking business casual clothing. Most of it was black and white, masculine and very plain. We wanted to integrate some fun feminine pieces, prints and colour into her wardrobe…and we sure did!;) 

One of our favourite looks we found was this light pink blazer, grey pencil skirt and polka dot blouse combo from H&M. They are such versatile pieces that she can easily mix and match with other garments in her closet. Genie looks amazing in these softer shades, fun and lively (like her persona) and of course very professional! We added a simple gold necklace to complete the look.





Outfit Details
Blouse: H&M
Blazer: H&M
Skirt: H&M
Necklace: Forever21
Heels: Payless Shoes


“Mitra is an inspiring and encouraging stylist. She had a clear understanding of my feelings and the style I wanted to achieve. She encouraged me to try new things, and I was impressed by how much I liked the items she recommended. She is also very friendly, positive and made the entire experience very enjoyable for me.
During our shopping sessions, she kept my budget under control and stopped me from making bad shopping decisions. She kept reminding me that I should only buy things that I really needed and would wear often. She also gave me positive feedback on my choices, therefore I gained the knowledge and skills necessary to select clothes that are right for me and so I can continue building my wardrobe.
Thanks to Mitra, I am wearing the items we purchased together almost everyday now.
I was also impressed that she not only has the knowledge in dressing and style, but also with organizing the wardrobe, and caring for clothes so they will last longer. She is a real pro when it comes to clothing.The best thing I took away from this experience is that I entirely changed my attitude towards dressing. Before working with Mitra, I never cared too much about my style and my outfits. Now I have the skills to present the best of me through my outfits. So far, 4 of my colleagues and 5 of my friends have told me they were impressed by my new look after my experience with ‘Style Me Leopard’ (many thanks to Mitra!) Dressing is an essential skill in the workplace and how you present yourself directly influences how other people think of you. I believe all female professionals should learn how to dress themselves for success, and I would recommend them to do the styling session with Mitra. I believe the skills and attitude I learned from her will give me the best chance in the future in my career and personal life.”

-Genie G.


Thanks for stopping by Leopard Couture!:) If you are interested in being styled like Genie, please visit my Style Me Leopard page and apply! Have a wonderful long weekend everyone!xx

Leopard Couture
-Love your style- 


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