Finding Your Power Colour

Happy Thursday my loves! Today’s post is going to be about The Little Red Dress and finding your Power Colour! I think every lady should own a.) a sexy dress that makes her feel super sexy and confident and b.) know what colour(s) flatters her. For me it’s the Little Red Dress, and my power colour is a deep red. I know I can always count on it when I want to feel bold, confident and fabulous! I think it compliments my skin tone and hair colour nicely, and other have mentioned it as well. That’s also another way to find out what shades look good on you- see what others around you are saying! Do you know what your power colour is? If not, let’s start by figuring out if you have a warm, cool or neutral skin tone.


If you are Cool you have pink, red or bluish undertones. Warm you have yellow, peachy, golden undertones. Lastly, you can be Neutral, a mix of warm and cool undertones. If you’re a Cool-toned girl you should lean towards blues, greens, pinks, purples, blue-greens, magentas, and blue-based reds. Warm-toned ladies go for peachy pinks, taupes, oranges, browns, olive-greens, warm reds and ivory. Neutral-toned you look good in mostly any colour- lucky you;)


I’m not saying just because your Warm-toned means you’re not going to look goon in a royal blue dress, perhaps you look fabulous in it. My tip to you is to go shopping and try on a bunch of dresses in all sorts of colours.  When you look in the mirror and it’s the right colour, trust me you will glow! And you’ll know when something washes you out and makes you feel “blah”. You can always bring a friend with you for a second opinion :)


The dress I’m wearing today is from SHEIN.COM. It’s the perfect red and I’m loving the sexy slits. (Oh and did I mention it’s only $28?!) I would wear this going out on a Friday night, and if I was to edge it up a little I would style it with a leather jacket and black heels. Anyways folks, that’s all for today. For your homework I want you to find out what YOUR Power Colour is! Have fun playing dress up and I’ll talk to you in my next post!xx -Mitra




 O U T F I T   D E T A I L S 

Dress: SHE IN  Jacket: DYNAMITE  | Shoes: ALDO 
Rings: ALDO | Clutch: CALL IT SPRING

L E O P A R D   C O U T U R E

-Love your style-

S H O P  T H E  D R E S S



  1. That Little Red Dress really know how to flatter your body. I believe that color can also have an impact on your mood so red is a good choice if you want to be bold, sexy and confident. Btw, your last pic without the coat is very stunning. Have a great day love! xx

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