Fall Fashion Wishlist

Happy Monday friends! One thing I do at the beginning of each season is write out a list of all the things I would like to add to my closet. Clothes, shoes, bags, accessories.. you name it! This continually keeps me shopping with purpose, and on top of knowing what I need to complete my wardrobe! I started putting this post together a few weeks ago, and have luckily found some new additions along the way :) Let’s take a look at my Top 10 picks I’m currently craving! Happy shopping!xx- Mitra

#1 . F U R  V E S T
• | Dynamite | •

Dynamite Faux Fur Vest

#2 . L O N G L I N E  V E S T 

• | Forever 21 | ZARA | TopShop | •

Forever21 Longline Collared Vest  ZARA HAND MADE WAISTCOAT Top Shop Sleeveless Double Lapel Trench Coat by Rare

#3 . C O A T 

• | Club Monaco | •

                Club Monaco Lindy Soft Trench Club Monaco Gideon Soft Trench

#4 .  T U R T L E N E C K S

• | Nasty Gal | ZARA | Aritzia |
| Dynamite | ZARA | •

Nasty Gal Joy Division Asymmetric Sweater Top  Zara Polo Neck Sweater Aritzia Wilfred Garrand Sweater


#5 . B L A C K   J E A N S  W I T H  R I P P E D  K N E E S 

• | TopShop | Asos | •

                                          TopShop Moto Black Ripped Leigh Jeans          ASOS Lisbon Skinny Mid Rise Jeans with Two Displaced Ripped Knees in Washed Black

#6 . B O Y F R I E N D  J E A N S

• | Aritzia | •

Aritzia One Teaspoon Awesome Baggies Cobain

#7 . S W E A T E R  D R E S S 

• | Dynamite | Aritzia | •

F21 Dynamite Reversible Bodycon Sweater Dress with Back Zip   Aritzia Wilfred Campanule Dress

#8 . N U D E  P U M P S 

• | Aldo | Aldo | Steve Madden |•

       ALDO Danenberg Nude Pump     ALDO Senor Nude Pumps
Steve Madden Proto Nude Pump

#9 . B L A CK  T O T E 

• | Aldo | Michael Kors | •

ALDO Midnight Black Pelo Tote    Michael Kors Selma Saffiano Leather Medium Satchel

#10 .  W A T C H 

• | FOSSIL | •

Fossil Jacqueline Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Watch

Thanks for stopping by today! What’s on your Fall Fashion Wishlist? :)

L E O P A R D  C O U T U R E

– Love your style – 


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