How to: Choose the Right Necklace for Different Necklines

A little while ago, I had a request from one of my readers to do a post on how to accessorize! It inspired me to put together this post, which is my take on how to pair the best necklace for different necklines! My friend recently got a beautiful necklace from Haruni and it inspired me to start wearing necklaces again. Whether it be a top or dress, there are so many different styles of necklines out there, but today I will share with you my top 6, and which style of necklace I think looks best with each! You can dress up a simple top, or make a fabulous outfit pop even more with the perfect necklace! You may even be interested in something extra special and get a personalized name necklace. Getting a custom gift like this shows that you’ve really thought about what you want to get for someone and have tailored it to them as an individual. Something like an initial necklace is great for adding that personal touch! So let’s get started!!:D

6 Common Necklines:

1. Crew Neck

For a crew neck, I think a shorter necklace that sits at the rim of the neckline is very flattering! Go for a necklace that has detailing throughout it (like below) instead of a pendant style necklace.


Necklace: Forever21

2. Scoop Neck

Scoop necks are probably the easiest to pair with a necklace! Since the shape is rounded, I like to go for shorter necklaces with volume to fill the space on my upper chest. I prefer that the entire necklace sits on my skin. Try a bold statement piece to add a little more spice to a simple T-shirt!


Necklace: Forever21


Necklace: Aldo

3. Boat Neck

The boat neck shows a little more collar bone, but does not hit as low as a scoop neck. I would wear a necklace that would be long enough to be sitting on half skin half shirt! :)


Necklace: Dynamite

4. Button-Up

With a classic button-up, since the neckline already has a collar and buttons, I think this style of top looks best paired with a simple and delicate necklace. I feel it’s a great way to dress up a business casual look! I have definitely seen button ups with big chunky necklaces as well too, so don’t shy away from it- try it, you may find it suits your style more! :)


Necklace: OIOI (Tokyo)

5. V Neck

V necks are one my favourites, and can be extremely sexy and sophisticated looking! Sometimes it’s better to go bear with the neck, and wear earrings instead. If you are stuck on wearing a necklace however, go for something that is long and elongating! If the V neck is wider (shows more upper chest), you can pair it with a v shaped necklace or anything with a triangular shape!


Necklace: H&M

6. Strapless

Last but not least, the super sexy strapless top or dress! I love rocking my chain necklace with all my strapless bodycon dresses! I feel like a chain necklace is so bold, easy to match (grab one in gold and silver), and makes you feel a little less “naked” on top!


Necklace: Bebe

Finally, there are times when it’s just better to not wear a necklace at all. When wearing a top or dress that already has some embellishment or a detailed neckline, glam up with some fun earrings instead!

Hopefully you found this post helpful, and now picking the right necklace for your top/dress will be a little easier :) Final tip: figure out what type of necklines you tend to wear a lot/ love, so that you can narrow down your options when shopping for necklaces!

Also, I have some exciting news! The winner for my MAC lipstick giveaway is…Hannah Reiter!!! Thank you soo much to everyone who entered, and congrats Hannah for winning! :) I will be sending you an individual message shortly!

Thanks for reading and until next time!xo


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