Hello everyone! I’d like you to meet Caitlin, one of my clients. Caitlin recently graduated from UVic with a degree in Anthropology with a focus on the human skeleton. She is currently working as an administrative assistant for one of the doctors of chiropractic at Backfit Spinal Health and Fitness Clinic. She sits on the board of directors as the secretary for the Vancouver Island Ladies Field Hockey Association and plays on a team for the Aeries club. On the weekends, she likes to hike and camp on the Juan de Fuca trail or spend the day sailing near Ogden Point with her boyfriend. She is a huge fan of the Netflix series House of Cards and will never turn down a Dairy Queen Cookie Dough Blizzard!

When I met Caitlin, I could tell that she was comfortable with her style, enjoyed shopping and didn’t have much trouble when it came to putting together outfits. Caitlin’s new job required her to dress professionally and so she put a lot of effort into putting her outfits together. However, she found her styling effort was lacking come weekends. She opted for yoga pants and baggy T’s because they were easy, but she also ran into coworkers and felt embarrassed. Caitlin therefore wanted to carry over her stylish outfits into the weekends as well. The thing was, Caitlin actually had a some great pieces in her wardrobe. But there was one big problem – her closet was not organized or structured so it was impossible for her to find anything!  Additionally, her closet was full of things she never wore – pieces that were wildly different and didn’t go with anything else. I showed Caitlin how to use one garment for multiple outfits, organize her wardrobe and combine these wildy different items with new items we purchased together. I gave Caitlin strict guidelines when it came to shopping to break her old habits of buying something just because it looked good – on the mannequin, it felt soft, was on sale, or looked unique. Are you also guilty of these traps? Soon her old habits were replaced with new ones and she was shopping smart and dressing stylish on the weekends too!


Caitlin is a busy woman on the weekends so I wanted to dress her appropriately for all her activities. First, we switched out her basic denim to these khaki pants by Guess. They are comfy, stylish and different from what Caitlin usually went for. Second, a denim jacket was at the top of our list, something she could throw on when running errands or on the boat when it gets chilly. While we’re on the subject of boats, these Sperrys boat shoes keeps her looking effortless and chic!


Outfit Details
Blouse: Le Chateau
Denim Jacket: AE
Khaki Pants: Guess (The Hudson’s Bay)
Shoes: Sperrys


We took the same cream blouse from the weekend and swapped it out for the office! Like I mentioned above, Caitlin wanted to learn how to use the same item with various outfits. We discovered early on that Olive green looks fantastic on Caitlin, and decided to style the blouse with this waterfall style blazer from Dynamite.


Outfit Details
Blouse: Le Chateau
Blazer: Dynamite
Pants: Le Chateau
Wedges: Aldo


I met Mitra at Dynamite. I was looking for a business casual outfit that would be suitable for a job interview. She approached me just as any sales associate would but when I accepted her help she delivered a different level of customer service – an unexpected and exceedingly helpful shopping session. Mitra didn’t pry into what I didn’t like about my body – she just knew what would suit my body type. She brought me a ton of outfits including items that I may not have ever considered. I liked them all. I should note that she was helpful because I felt comfortable with her. Mitra is naturally very beautiful and obviously has a wicked sense of style but she is so genuine and sweet that you can’t not feel comfortable around her. When I left I felt compelled to write a review on Dynamite’s website – I’ve never had a sales associate – at any store – be so helpful. I returned to Dynamite the next week because I got the job and would be needing more outfits like the one Mitra had styled for me. I decided that it was time for a change in my style and wardrobe.

Mitra is so sweet, I felt so comfortable with her in the initial image consultation. She knew the right questions to ask to dig out exactly what sort of style would work best for me.  She never made me feel judged or shy. I easily opened up to her about my body issues and struggles with shopping. I knew that she was going to be a big help and that I could trust her to be honest. I also appreciated that she focused more on what did work for my body type opposed to what didn’t. I know it seems like a “no brainer” but it was so nice to only hear positive feedback especially since a woman’s body type is a very sensitive subject and it’s hard not to feel self conscious around someone as beautiful and stylish as Mitra. Please know Mitra is just as beautiful inside as she is on the outside.

I loved the closet cleanse. I had been holding on to so many items because they had been a favourite – something I liked a long time ago. Mitra never said anything I owned was out of style or uncool. She simply explained that the items we were throwing away may have once been “Caitlin” but are no longer in line with my style vision. After she left I sifted through more of my stuff and felt a weight off my shoulders. I was no longer feeling anxious and guilty about items in my closet that I wasn’t wearing.

The shopping sessions with Mitra was incredibly efficient. I felt a major sense of accomplishment, and I couldn’t believe how satisfying it was to shop with purpose. Our shopping trips not only pumped my wardrobe full of some killer pieces but they showed me to not only value my money and hold it close but to actually value myself – love yourself and love the clothes you wear.

When Mitra and I got together to build outfits with my new purchases while incorporating old pieces, I couldn’t believe how easily the outfits came together. When everything in your closet is organized and goes with everything else, it becomes easy to get creative with your clothing.

Since my wardrobe overhaul, I can’t count how many times I’ve been complimented on my professional style – how put together I look, how classy and sophisticated I look. I know I look good so I feel good, which allows me to focus on my work and be the most productive I can be. And it’s all thanks to Mitra”

– Caitlin H.


Thank you for reading! If you are interested in being styled like Caitlin, please visit my Style Me Leopard’ page and apply!:) Have a wonderful day everyone!xx

L E O P A R D  C O U T U R E
-Love your style- 


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