3 Year Blogiversary + GIVEAWAY!!

Good morning everyone! Today is VERY special day because my boyfriend and I are celebrating our 3 year anniversary. And by boyfriend, I am referring to my blog ;) haha. I honestly can’t believe Leopard Couture turns 3 years old today, it seems like just yesterday I was launching it in my dorm room in Tokyo! This past year of blogging has been the best yet!! Living in Vancouver I have attended some awesome events and worked with some amazing brands. However, the best part is all the friendships I have made with fellow bloggers and youtubers who inspire me everyday!:)

Launching my YouTube Channel this summer was probably the highlight of my year! I absolutely love creating videos, so I hope you get a chance to check them out!:) I am so passionate about makeup, fashion and sharing my advice and tips with you all, that I have decided moving into my 3rd year I will be adding lifestyle posts to Leopard Couture! I am super excited to start sharing my advice on things like goal setting, how to plan/ organize your day, be productive, stay motivated…all that kind of good stuff, so definitely stay tuned!! :)

As a little thank you I wanted to celebrate with a GIVEAWAY on Instagram, for the Anastasia Contour Kit. Ya’ll know how much I LOVEEE contouring so thought it would be perfect! Even if you’re not into contouring you can enter and use it as a Xmas gift :) Scroll to the bottom for details!

3 Year Blogiversary + Anastasia Contour Kit GIVEAWAY!

3 Year Blogiversary + Anastasia Contour Kit GIVEAWAY!

3 Year Blogiversary + Anastasia Contour Kit GIVEAWAY!

3 Year Blogiversary + Anastasia Contour Kit GIVEAWAY!

3 Year Blogiversary + Anastasia Contour Kit GIVEAWAY!

3 Year Blogiversary + Anastasia Contour Kit GIVEAWAY!  3 Year Blogiversary + Anastasia Contour Kit GIVEAWAY!

Sweater: SHOPBALY | Watch: CHRISTIAN PAUL | Rings: ALDO | Lipstick: MAC ‘Whirl’

Photo Cred. Boyu Ba

L E O P A R D   C O U T U R E

-Love your style-


To enter the Anastasia Contour Kit GIVEAWAY all you have to do is :

#1.) Follow me on Instagram

#2.) Tag 3 friends in this photo on Instagram!


#1.) Share this blog post or picture on any social media and tag me @leopardcouture8 so I can see it!:)

3 Year Blogiversary + Anastasia Contour Kit GIVEAWAY!

Details: Giveaway is international, and winner will be drawn randomly. Giveaway will close on Monday, December 5th and I will announce and contact the winner on Instagram Thursday, December 8th! Good luck everyone! Again, thank you SO much for supporting LC over the past 3 years! Lots of love xx – Mitra



  1. Happy Blogiversary!!!! 3 years it’s amazing .. I hope your blog continues grow and many more years. thank you for the chance, we love contouring haha IG:pepitarios and shared on Fb:Paulina Rios and Pinterest:@pepirios

  2. Happy Anniversary! December marks 10 YEARS for my blog… It feels like it has flown by and been forever all at the same time ;)



  3. Congrats on the anniversary! 3 years…what an achievement! It’s been great following along with you and your style. Can’t wait to see what’s next!
    xo, LA

  4. Huge congrats on your 3 years Blogiversary!! I’m at my 2 year so I can’t wait to get up to your blogging level! Tokyo is on my list of must-visit places for Sakura season.

  5. HAHAH I was like..hold up..boyfriend?! But thinking about it, our blogs are totally our boyfriends!! I love your sense of humour and it shines through your blogging/vlogging. Congratulations on 3 years, I know there are great things to come!


  6. Happy 3 year bloganniversary!! That’s great that you are now doing Vlogs too! I love your sweatshirt :) and thanks for sharing your giveaway! xx

  7. If only I one how to actually wear make-up ;) PS Happy Blogiversary! Blogging is a tough gig, so I give you a ton of props!



  8. Three years oh my gosh so exciting! I love that you started making videos this year because you’re a natural in front of the camera!

  9. Happy 3 year blog anniversary! That is such a great accomplishment and something to be celebrated for sure.

  10. Congrats! A blogiversary is almost better than a real birthday! I hope you have a great day (involving your blog of course).

  11. Happy Anniversary!! That is such an accomplishment. Also, great to meet you last week at the blogger brunch :)

  12. Such a great giveaways and congrats on 3 years that is such a major accomplishment and so is starting a youtube channel! Cant wait to see what else is to come

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