3 CANADA DAY Outfit Ideas

Happy Friday people! Canada Day is approaching soon and I am getting super excited! I’m going to Vancouver to visit one of my best friends for the long weekend, and am hoping with all the shopping I do over there, I’ll be able to find a cute outfit. Also with my bday coming up I’ll be on the look out for a dress too:)

Every Canada Day it’s a tradition to get dressed up in red and white, go to a friends for a BBQ, and then head downtown for the fireworks! So whether you’re going to a BBQ or hitting the beach or going out at night (or all 3) this Canada day, I put together 3 outfit ideas that can hopefully help you with picking out yours!


Canada Day Outfit #1

Canada Day Outfit #2

Canada Day Outfit #3Have a safe and fun Canada Day everyone!xo


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