10 Shopping Tips Everyone Should Know

Good morning my beauties! I have collabed with Personal Stylist, Briana on YouTube to bring you our Top 10 Shopping Tips! Whether you love shopping or not, these are a few pointers you can keep in mind on your next shopping trip. Definitely check out Briana’s video after, as we did a “7 Ways to Tie a Scarf” on her channel! I have linked it down below :) Hope you enjoy and let me know in the comments what your fav shopping tip & scarf style was!!x – Mitra

10 Shopping Tips Everyone Should Know: 

Tip# 1: Plan which stores you are going to hit up ahead of time.

Tip# 2: Splurge on your investment pieces and save on the trends.

Tip# 3: Ask the sales associates if they carry what you are looking for..it’ll save you time ;)

Tip# 4: Don’t buy it just because it’s on SALE.

Tip# 5: Buy clothes to fit the body you currently have.

Tip# 6: Go shopping with the right friend.

Tip# 7: Make sure you already own 3 pieces in your closet you can style your new item with.

Tip# 8: Find a personal stylist. Many places offer complimentary styling.

Tip# 9: Only buy what you L-O-V-E, and makes you feel confident/amazing in!

Tip# 10: Know the return policy, keep tags on until worn, and store your receipts together.

BONUS Tip: Ask what day in the week stores do their markdowns. That way you can shop those sale items while sizes are still available ;)

7 Ways to Tie a Scarf:

L E O P A R D   C O U T U R E

-Love your style-



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